Calgary Water Saving Tips

A dishwasher can save water and efficient dishwashers like Miele or Bosch claim that you can save about 15 – 20 litres with every load. That’s a massive saving, but make sure you buy an energy and water saving device if you can afford it.

A good dishwasher – yes, Oprah rates the Bosch as number 1 and it’s our preferred model personally Also, on a good model  you shouldn’t need to rinse the dishes first.

Washing machines – the good old top loader is a Calgary staple in larger households, but it tangles up clothes and uses far more water than a front loader. Consider switching when the time is right and try to buy an energy efficient model that uses less water and power. This can save you around 48 liters per wash.

Running taps are a complete no-no. If you must, fill the sink to half full and save water. Alternatively, you could install a plastic basin to sit in the sink which is smaller and obviously saves water (unattractive but handy). This can then be used to water plants with afterward.

Water saving devices for the gardener – Water your garden first thing in the morning and last thing at night. You will save wastage through evaporation.

Pop up sprinklers and irrigation systems are wonderful – and save you wasting water when you neglect to turn them off!

Mulch where possible.  This is a massive saving as much water is lost through evaporation. Did you know that you can buy a trailer full of mulch at the local council for around $10 a trailer?

Try planting plants that occur naturally in your environment. Turf is very time consuming and expensive to maintain in a dry climate. You will also be rewarded with amazing bird life and butterflies!

Did you know that by installing one, you can save 67% of the water in a single flush!  Initially, dual flush toilets used 9/4.5 liters in a single flush this has been radically reduced to 9/4.5L in recent years.

You can reduce your massive water bills by reducing shower time by 2 minutes a day and save 18 litres of water.  Did you know a typical shower can use 160 litres of water?

Up to 29% of all water bills are made up of time in the shower. Install a water efficient shower rose and you will automatically half your water bill as it will half your water consumption – of course, this also depends on your shower pressure. Of course, MR. PLUMBING can provide and install a great showerhead to help you save money and still stay clean!


Growing and producing a loaf of bread takes 567 litres of water!

An average adult in a Calgary nation, living in a city typically uses 500 000 liters of water a year –You would never get that in Outback Canada, of course, where every drop counts!

A leaking toilet can waste  400 litres per day? That’s around $200 per year!

A leaking tap can waste 5000 litres per year!

Save money and contact us today – don’t delay! With the extra you can fund a well in Africa with World Vision!

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