Want to know all about Mr. Plumbing & Drain Cleaning and our services? Want to know what makes us undoubtedly the best plumbing organization in Calgary and the surrounding area? Great, this is a run through of our history, beliefs and progression as a company! There is not a plumbing business in the city who doesn’t want to compete with us, but we evidently dominate our industry and market. We have been around for more than a decade and back in those days we were just a two-man operation with a whole lot of ambition and vision for a glorious future in the plumbing trade. We experimented and tried many different approaches with clients. All of that fieldwork taught us that the customer is always right and that we should give it our all to provide quality. We have also learned that acquiring new customers is a vital role in growth. So we play to win and never compromise on our duties.

Naturally, we are very charismatic people and know how to please the people we come in contact with. This opened doors to referrals and long-term contracts that have lasted to this day. We are very fortunate in our progression as a plumbing giant and believe that as long as we remain with the basics, we will forever be growing. Even in down economies, we seem to be gaining more traction than ever. A good foundation will do that for you and believe us when we say there is no success without failure and hardships. There are no shortcuts in life, and we apply that thoroughly to plumbing and the procedures every employee here follows to code.

You won’t find a more enthusiastic and polite staff anywhere you look. We only hire employees with healthy attitudes, and that love the work they are doing. They will deliver optimal results every time due to these characteristics. We breed winners at this company, and you feel that through the relationship we build with you. You feel right at home and remember us in the future to take care of you plumbing issues. We are ethical and hold integrity in the highest regard! The air of certainty and trust we develop with you lasts a lifetime. So time to give us a try if you haven’t already and those of you who are loyal and proud of the work we do, we appreciate this to the bottom of our hearts… We could not do this without you, and we will never forget!


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Amazing service! Jackson was able to come by within 30 minutes of placing a call. He was friendly, polite, efficient, and did a wonderful job figuring out the issue at hand. Pricing was very reasonable for the time, care and work he put in. He left everything in beautiful condition and was a pleasure to have in our home. A great experience!

Naaz Ali
Naaz Ali
Jewellery Designer, Earth Elements

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