Frozen Pipes Calgary – Try This Before you Call a Plumber

Waterlines and drains are subject to freezing, frozen pipes happen often during the colder months. The reason frozen pipes can occur is another topic. However one of the main reasons that a waterline or a drain can freeze is, it was more than likely ran in an outside wall. Whatever the reason, in this article we are going to talk about ways to go about unfreezing the frozen pipes. In the first half, we will discuss water lines freezing and in the second half drains freezing.

Frozen Pipes – Unfreezing a Water Line

The first thing you need to do is locate where the waterline is frozen. Check fixtures located on outside walls and see if they are working. Check to see if the water lines are in the outside wall. This is typically where frozen pipes happen. Once you think you have located where the frozen pipes are you will need to expose the pipe “this means you will need to cut open drywall”. Once you have the water line exposed you want to focuses on getting heat to that are. An electrical space heater works well or a hairdryer will also work. Direct the heat directly on the frozen pipes. The frozen waterline may not come thawed right away it could take up to an hour for the frozen pipe to become thawed.

A torch can also be used however if you are not familiar with using a plumbers torch than this is not recommended. Fire can spread quickly so make sure if you decide to use a torch that a dire extinguisher is close by. Don’t burn your house down.

Frozen Pipes – Unfreezing a Drain

Finding the frozen drain pipe is much easier. Typically you will know which fixture is not draining. Once you have determined which drain is frozen you need to either get heat to that drain line or wait for the temperature outside to warm up.  Use an electric portable heater or hair dryer works well too. Pour antifreeze down the fixture that is not draining.  This will not work right away and can take several hours, however, if you use the antifreeze as well as adding heat to the pipe it will help in the waiting time.

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