Sewer Drain Repair Calgary – What You Need To Know

Is It Time To Replace Your Sewer Drain?

There are multiple reasons why it may be time to replace your sewer drain. There a plumbing companies that make there living off sewer drain replacement so do not feel like you are alone when you start having sewer issues. It is unfortunately a common problem that a lot of home owners face at one point or another when owning a home. There are options when it comes to replacing a sewer drain that we will go over in this article. It is always a good idea to get a couple of different quotes from different plumbing companies as it can be costly. If you have any comments or questions on this article please leave them bellow.

Why do Sewer Drains Fail?

There are multiple reasons why a sewer drain could fail. While the problems are usually in the same catagories , every situation is different because not all sewer drains are installed the same. When it comes to fixing or replacing a sewer drain a licensed plumber should inspect your drain to find the source of why the sewer drain has failed and give you options on a solution. The following list are some of the reasons why a sewer drain could fail.

  • Root Intrusion– Roots have entered the sewer drain and blocked it off.
  • Sewer Pipe Collapse– The walls of the sewer drain have collapsed and waste can not pass.
  • Sewer Pipe Shift- A section of the sewer drain has shifted causing the pipe to slope in the wrong direction or break apart.
  • Sewer Drain Blockage– The sewer drain has become blocked by something going through your plumbing drains.

The first step a homeowner needs to take when they start having a sewer drain issue is to contact a plumber to come inspect the sewer drain.
Plumbing contractors have sewer cameras that allow them to travel down the entire length of the sewer drain and locate the exact source of the sewer drain problem. This takes all the guess work out of detecting the problem and allows the plumbing contractor to give an accurate quote to the homeowner and also give the homeowner options on how to repair the sewer.

What Options Does a Homeowner Have When Fixing a Sewer

There are several options available some have been used for years by plumbers while other newer technologies have started to surface and plumber have been having great success with them. As mentioned before every sewer drain is different so options will vary depending on the situation. Some factors include

  1. How damaged the sewer drain is
  2. What type of soil the sewer pipe is in
  3. Where the property is located
  4. What type of sewer pipe was used
  5. The depth of the sewer drain

Once a plumber has inspected your sewer drain he/she will be able to give you a better understanding of what has happened to the sewer drain and what needs to happen to get the drain back up and running. Again it is always a good idea to get a couple different opinions and quotes before you start digging up your lawn.

How can a Sewer Drain Be Repaired
While every situation may the following list are typical ways of repairing a sewer drain. Costs will depend on the situation and the labour and material involved to perform the repair. Again always get a couple of different quotes and opinions oh how to fix the sewer drain before you sign with the first contractor that comes to your door. Unless this plumber has performed work for you in the past and you trust there opinion.

  • Have the sewer drain augured– Most cost effective way of getting a sewer drain up and running again. Not always an option though if the sewer drain is in bad shape auguring could just make it worse.
  • Dig up the sewer drain and installed a new one– This is a very labour and material oriented which means money. However if its the only option than it is what it is.
  • Have the sewer drain hydro scrubbed (pressure washed)– This can cut roots out of the drain or remove blockages. If roots have entered your sewer drain than this is only a temporary fix but will buy you time to save the money to replace the sewer drain.
  • Spot Dig– This involves digging up a small portion of the sewer pipe and replacing just a section of sewer pipe. If the pipe is not to deep this task can sometimes be dug by hand.
  • Trenchless Sewer Drain Replacement– This involves no digging, a liner is installed in the sewer drain. The cost will vary on this installation. A liner will save you from having machinery tear up your front lawn and turning your house in to a construction zone. For more info on liners see the link to your local plumbing companies website.

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