Toilet Backing Up in the Basement

Why is Your Basement Toilet Backing Up?

There are a few different reasons that your basement toilet could be backing up. When it comes to plumbing problems, situations can vary depending on the circumstances involved such as how your plumbing drains/ leaves from your home out to a sewer or septic tank. Here we will go over possible scenarios why a basement toilet would be backing up. Keep in mind that it really depends on how your plumbing drains are ran, also  situations vary from problem to problem. If at any point you think you may be over your head it is always good to call a licensed plumber to come inspect the plumbing issue. We will start with the cheapest fix or less cost and work our way up to more costly repairs.

The Toilet is Backing Up

Could it just be the basement toilet that is backing up? Often times the repair is as simple and cost effective as that. You do not need to call a plumber for a backed up toilet. There are several ways to unclog a toilet that any home owner can do themselves. The two easiest ways to unclog a  toilet are below.

  1. Use the correct plunger to unclog the toilet.-People make the mistake of buying a fancy plunger so it matched the shower curtain and paint. But do yourself a favor and your guests and keep a proper toilet plunger in your washroom. Below are our recommendations for a proper toilet plunger
  2.  Use a Toilet Snake To Unclog The Toilet– Toilet snakes are a specially designed auger that anyone can learn to use easily. The toilet snake will go all the way through the toilet and clear any blockages along the way. Below are our recommendations for a quality toilet auger.

Did something go Down the Toilet- Kids Toys?

This is common especially if you have young children. Kids, unfortunately, love to flush anything within their reach down the toilet and watch it disappear. If something went down your toilet like a toy and you had no luck with a plunger or toilet auger than odds are that the object is now stuck in your plumbing drains. This problem requires you to remove the toilet and either auger it out and try to push the toy into larger plumbing drain further downstream or get your drain inspected with a sewer camera by a plumber to see what has got itself stuck in your sewer drain. At this point, it is recommended that you call in a professional if you think you are over your head. A plumber will inspect your drain and give you a cost on how much it would be to fix it. If you attempt to do it yourself just be aware that you can make it much worse and much more expensive.  Below is our recommended plumber in your area.

Main Sewer Line is Blocked or Broken

This is unfortunately  all to common. The reason your basement toilet is backing up is because the basement toilet is the lowest fixture downstream in your home along with the floor drain. When a sewer drain starts backing up, the first place you will see it is at the first place it can exit the sewer. Because the toilet flange is flush to the floor the sewer pipe fills up and naturally blocks the toilet off not allowing water to go down. Often times the sewage water will start to come out the bottom of the toilet base. You can try to pull the toilet and rent or buy an auger and free the blockage yourself. Most plumbing companies charge anywhere from 150-250 to auger a sewer drain depending on the plumbing company.

Keep in mind that sewer problems can vary a lot and can get very costly depending on the situation and damage to the sewer pipe. It is always recommended that you get a plumber to come give you a sewer inspection and education on your sewer drain. Seeing the problem yourself gives you a better understanding of the situation and what is involved in repairing the sewer.

Please leave us with your questions or stories of your basement toilet backing up.

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