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The upkeep and maintenance of your water heater or boilers is a critical task to complete. We provide installations for new units and servicing on the regular as well. BROCK PLUMBING is the first choice for this service in all of Calgary, enough said. To dive in detail, we repair your water heaters along with all the components that are included in the proper functioning of the unit. We work on electric, tankless hot water heaters, and of course, gas operated ones. We can also install any of these styles into your home or workspace, with the elite skill and efficiency you’re looking for. You name the time and date to watch this magic go to work.

​Every single client we have the pleasure of assisting is considered an entirely unique case. We believe in a customer first approach, and with that in mind, we design specialized plans to install and service your water heater units. We take the structural design for the pipe layout and your budget into the concrete plan. We make sure to install a unit that isn’t going to cost you a fortune in utility bills either. We know how fast those bills can add up over the course of a year and we want to benefit you any way we can. Our plumbing beast of a company can provide a system that will save you on upwards of 10% per year on utility bills. The efficiency of the water heater plays into this formula. How much energy is required to keep this unit performing at 110%, but also putting the energy to the best possible use? The type of method you wish to install will play into savings as well. Gas water heaters are the oldest models and the cheapest to invest initially in. The flip side is they cost the most in billing. You always look at heating and cooling products as a long term investment. You will have these units for 12-25 years or so with good brands. So, if you can see past today, then we can provide you with stellar electric and tankless options. Electric is cheaper than gas, but electricity is cheaper than gas in most cases. Tankless is also phenomenal because the unit only warms water when it’s needed, instead of constantly. These are the type of qualities that make us stand out over the other guys in our industry. Trust for us to make an informed decision on what route you should take. We have been doing this for a while now and only give expert advice!

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We deliver these units right to your doorstep or business with the install included. This way the process is a lot easier for you and done all in one.  We have been servicing water heater and boilers for a very long time and have the full knowledge and confidence to deliver with spectacular results. You know where to go for all the water work solutions in the world, Brock Plumbing!
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